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Activities for Creating a ‘Tradition of Giving’

There’s just something about the Christmas Season that brings joy to the hearts of all of us. Last week I shared some thoughts about giving a gift to your children that will stay with them forever. That gift is: helping them to create a ’Tradition of Giving’. If you’re like my family, we have already begun the memory-making activities of giving to others.

This last Saturday, three of my grandchildren and I went shopping for Mommy, Daddy, Great G-Paw & G-Maw. We laughed our way through four stores, refueled at Starbucks with some hot chocolate, and then started back on the ‘hunt’ again. In each store, I loved that the kids were really thinking about the gifts they were wanting to buy. “Mommy loves this color.” “I know Daddy will use this all the time.” “Doesn’t Great G-Maw like to do puzzles?” (I’ll just say that getting ’The Three’ to come to an agreement on the gifts was my most memorable part of the trip.)  :)

Our last stop was at a dollar store to buy white gift boxes and plain colored gift bags. The grand kids had decided that they wanted to create their own wrappings for the presents. (It’s amazing how one small suggestion got their creative juices going.)

Here are a few last minute ideas that may help as you create a ‘giving’ atmosphere in your home. You will only need: white gift boxes, plain colored gift bags or wrapping paper, index cards, markers, crayons, colored pencils, creative minds and loving hearts. (Of course, your children can get as ‘fancy’ as they want by adding glitter, ribbon, bows, etc. to their designs.)

Your children can:

  • create a picture or design on the top of a gift box and write a special message to the one they are sending it to. I doubt if these box tops will end up in the trash.:)
  • design and color ‘one of a kind’ wrapping paper for their gifts. The wrapping itself will be ‘priceless’ to family and friends.
  • put a loving twist on a gift bag by drawing a picture of something special about the one receiving the gift. Special messages of love and appreciation can also be written. I don’t care if your child is two or twelve, the bag will be loved as much as the present!
  • make their own ‘gift tags’ using index cards. Cut out a designed shape or simply cut the card in half, then have your child draw a picture on one side and a message on the other. Punch a hole in the card and connect with a ribbon. The tags can later be used as treasured bookmarks.

As Winnie the Pooh said:

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

I hope you have a blessed Christmas Season as you thinkimagine…and create the traditions of giving in your home.

Miss B.


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