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Turkey-time Thinking Fun (part 1)

Here are three easy, fun and exciting ways to will encourage your “Little Turkeys” to use their imaginations. These activities are a great way to bring imaginative thinking into the themes of November. Your kids will absolutely love doing them, and at the same time, they’ll be developing and practicing these important critical and creative thinking skills: imagine, create, design, invent, perceive, hypothesize, analyze and problem-solve. (See post: Two Ways to Think About Thinking.)

Be an Inventor! Think about, imagine, and then create a design for your own robot that could cook your entire Thanksgiving dinner. You are allowed to be the assistant chef, but your robot will do all the cooking. Draw a picture of your helpful robot and then explain to your family how it’s different parts work. (i.e. One arm has a big spoon on it to stir the vegetables.) With a robot like this, your family will really get to relax on Thanksgiving day. Oh, by the way, does your robot clean up too? You might want to build in a broom.:)

Be a costume designer! “It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Super Turkey!” He’s the world’s newest and most amazing super-hero. He can fly faster than a rocket ship and his claws are sharper than a sword. He has one big problem though – - – Super Turkey doesn’t have a costume to wear!:( Could you design an original, fantastic costume that our mighty hero would be proud to wear? After you have created his costume, it would be fun to make up some exciting adventures about how Super Turkey rescued some animals on a farm or at the zoo.  You could even draw an illustration of each of your different stories and then make them into a book to share with your friends and family. What fun!

Be a Detective! Oh no! You just got a phone call that all of the pumpkin pies at the Yummy- Yummy Bakery have been stolen.:( Mr. and Mrs. Yummy have asked if you can help them find their pies! Make up a story about how you solved this case and then share about your great detective work with your family.  (This is a easy way to creatively fill those hours in the car when your driving ‘over the river and through the woods’. Your family will have fun thinking up many different ’cases’ that need to be solved. For example: All the turkeys at the Nelson’s Farm have suddenly disappeared from the barn. Can you figure out what happened?)

I know that these three activities will capture the imaginations of you and your children as you thinkimagine…and create together.

Miss B.

p.s. Turkey-time Thinking Fun (part 2) is coming soon!

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